The amazing Area lighting LED floodlight 20W by Shenzhen I Light Technology Co.,Ltd is a chic, robust and extremely functional LED floodlight. It has been designed with aesthetics in mind. The 20w LED floodlight has an IP65 rating which makes it ideal for just about every type of exterior, especially for exterior architectural illumination.


With a unique design, the 20w LED floodlight fixture is a market leader when it comes to lighting that offers excellent area lighting. This LED floodlight ensures LED stability and offers a long 50,000 hours life. The body of the LED floodlight 20W has been constructed from an aluminum alloy. It utilizes quality components in the form of Luminous LEDs and includes a COB LED chip.

The beam distribution of the sleek 20w area lighting LED flood has a 90° beam angle and it has a trunnion bracket mounting option rotatable. With wattage power of 20W, the floodlight offers 2300 Lm lumens. The lightweight aluminum alloy body provides durability to the floodlight. It is available in black and silver color.

The color temperature of the our 20w ultra slim LED floodlight is just perfect for different applications and exteriors. The floodlight does not weight a lot and it can be easily installed onto different exteriors. Being lightweight and easy to handle, the floodlights are the ideal choice when it comes to the ultimate lighting solution. It protects from liquids and dust.