The 960W high power LED stadium lighting system is one of the strongest outdoor LED systems that ensures a spectacular range. You can use the flood light to replace up to 2500W of MH/HID/HQI fixtures. While enjoying a far greater service in the long run.


  • Power: The 960W high power LED stadium lighting comes with the classic design, yet possess far greater power than most LED stadium lights in the market today. It’s every element is designed and set to ensure a raging power in terms of lighting and working. Offering you a longer working term with efficient and effective workings.
  • Lighting: A strong and reliable flood light that offers spectacular and standard lighting for hours. Designed to impress the 960W flood stadium light comes with an in-built heat sink that can help improve it’s working. The smart LED chip paired with the heat sink can help ensure a low LED junction while managing its workings in a productive manner. Working on the flood lights efficiency range, weight, and boosting lifetime expectancy.
  • Frame: A sturdy and reliable frame is what makes this flood light stand out. It’s not just the amazing power system, it’s the frame that allows the light to perform in the best possible aspect. With it’s aluminum and steel frame the light offers great workings. Moreover, each frame comes with a special powder coating and a UV resistant layer that ensures great working for years to come.
  • Hardware: The hardware of the LED light ensures great use in different weather conditions, which is why it is a tried and trusted LED stadium flood light that works around the year. Its steel frame can be set in any direction of your choice, so it’s aluminum body can hold it’s range perfectly. Paired with a six optics system that ensures the usage of lesser lumens while offering more specific lighting.