The 800W LED high pole mast light is a commercial flood light that is mostly used in stadiums or large spaces. With its spectacular range and space filling qualities the LED light stands out from the rest. While offering you a replacement for up to 2000W of MH/HID/HQI fixtures.


  • Power: Our 800W LED high pole mast light is a high functioning outdoor light designed and built to last for years. With its sturdy frame and top of the line materials, one can easily get great use from these flood lights in any outdoor space. Each LED bulb placed in the flood light allows the light to offer a spectacular coverage range along with an impressive life expectancy rate.
  • Lighting: A simple design that comes packed with a powerful light source, covering any wide or narrow space without a single issue. This flood light comes with a smart LED chip that enhances it’s working, while the heat sink keeps it’s working in check. With a lower pressure and a well-maintained LED junction, you can easily expect a spectacular lighting event.
  • Frame: A durable and reliable frame that is crafted using high-quality aluminum and steel. These elements are not the only protection against daily wear and tear, as the flood light comes with a special powder coating that is secured in place using a UV resistant coating. Making sure that the frame, as well as the system, works wonderfully for years to come.
  • Hardware: The LED high pole light offers you a six optics system that is set in place to offer you advance usage. With this technology, you can use fewer lumens while still ensuring a spectacular distribution of light. A great addition that will change the way you have been lighting your outdoor spaces.