The 600W high power round LED floodlight is one of the most sold floodlights by Shenzhen I Light Technology Co.,Ltd. It offers the most optimal performance out there and has a compact body which has been designed to offer maximum utility to users.


This high powered 600W LED floodlight has been created to IP65. It features an alloy aluminum body so as to ensure a more durable and robust construction. It offers a dynamic and versatile addition to the diverse range of exterior floodlighting options that are provided by Vision Lighting.

Shenzhen I Light Technology Co.,Ltd is well-known for its precision and high quality when it comes to designing and manufacturing of high power LED floodlights and the 600W round LED floodlight has been made in line with the highest standards. It offers users with the ultimate lighting solution for an extensive range of applications such as warehouses, parking lots, etc.

The 600W round LED flood light is built with 96000lm , which is sufficient for a diverse range of spaces. The floodlights help light up the space and offer the perfect beam angle of 15° / 30° / 60° / 90° / 120° which fills the entire space with sufficient illumination. These floodlights come in an attractive black color and provide both Trunnion / Hook mounting options.

The 600W high power round LED floodlight is extremely popular due to its long-lasting durability as it provides more than 50,000 hours of lighting. There are also options for both daylight sensors and motion sensors in order to help save electricity, reduce costs and increase safety. The aluminum material provides the floodlight with a sleek look which entirely protects against dust at the same time.