The 600W high mast LED light is a well designed outdoor lighting that can easily replace up to 1500W of MH/HID/HQI light fixtures. It’s double lined lighting really makes a difference in terms of range, enhancing your usage in more than one way.


  • Power: Designed and built to perfection the 600W high mast LED light ensures amazing services in every possible outdoor service. While keeping up with an effective and efficient working system that can help boost its life expectancy by ensuring a smartly run process. A great addition to any outdoor space.
  • Lighting: With the 600W high mast  light you can enjoy a long-lasting and powerful light that is designed to ensure clarity at all times. With its widespread LED bulbs the light really covers a great deal of ground while ensuring great coverage range. Meaning you will be able to enjoy more coverage when compared to other LED lights. Moreover, it’s LED chip and heat sink work wonders to ensure smooth sailing for years to come.
  • Frame: The durable frame is crafted using high-quality aluminum and steel bits, that build a strong and reliable frame. Once completed the frame is layered with a special powder coating that is later sprayed with a UV resistant coating. These additional touches allow the LED light to perform wonderfully for years to come.
  • Hardware: This powerful LED light comes with a six optics system that offers a better-distributed light. So while you enjoy a well-rounded experience, you are actually saving lumens. A great service that allows great service for years to come.