The 480W commercial industrial LED flood light is designed for large lots, so you can ensure greater coverage and more visibility. Actually designed to replace up to 1200W of MH/HID/HQI fixtures. A simple solution that comes packed with the latest technology and updates that will brighten up any wide space.


  • Power: The 480W commercial flood light is designed to impress in terms of power. It holds top of the line LED bulbs that work remarkably with the help of the smart LED chip installed in the system. The chipset in place ensures great usage while the high-quality LED bulbs offer a great range and a consistency lighting in open space.
  • Lighting: Designed to work spectacularly in outdoor spaces the 480W¬†industrial LED flood light can help fill out every inch of the ground its meant to cover. Making sure the light is well spread and offers great clarity to the intended space and its surroundings. This is all ensured using a heat sink technology that can help power the flood lights efficiency range, and ensure a low LED junction in the long run.
  • Frame: The flood light and it’s frame is designed to offer you amazing working for years to come. Which is why each frame is carefully crafted using premium grade materials, which is later topped with a durable powder coating and sprayed with a UV coating for an additional layer of protection. This simple process allows the flood light to work wonderfully in different weather conditions.
  • Hardware: In addition to its spectacular setup, the LED light comes with a special six optics system. The system is designed to take fewer lumens than standard flood lights, yet offer more coverage. By distributing the light in a smart manner the LED light actually enhances visibility.