The 400W LED high mast tower light is a top of the line outdoor light that can help replace up to 1000W MH/HID/HQI fixtures. A simply designed flood light that will allow you to fill up any lot or stadium wonderfully.


  • Power: The 400W LED high mast tower light is a top of the line flood light that offers spectacular results even in pitch black darkness. Simply one is enough to brighten any space, but when paired with others it can easily light up a small stadium ensuring crystal clear clarity at all times.
  • Lighting: The flood light comes installed with a smart LED chip and a heat sink that manages it’s working on different stages. While the LED chip ensures effective working, the heat sink is set in place to ensure efficient working. Keeping the flood light in check at all times, while pushing it to boost it’s range and expected life.
  • Frame: Premium grade aluminum and stainless steel makes for a tough and reliable body that can easily hold the powerful LED system. Moreover, to ensure it’s resistance in different weather conditions the light is coated with a special powder coating and sprayed with a UV resistant coating. Adding additional layers of protection to its frame.
  • Hardware: An LED light that is here to take over the entire space using special technologies. One of which is a six optics technology that ensures a far greater range while using lesser lumens.