The 240W LED high mast sports light fitting is designed to offer you great value for your money. As it is set to work more effectively and efficiently, offering a good replacement up to 600W MH/HID/HQI fixtures.


  • Power: The 240w high mast LED sports light is designed to ensure great coverage of outdoor space while taking in as little power as possible. This is ensured using a top of the line LED chip that offers Lumileds LUXEON 3030 2D and comes with an optional 5050 power. While holding the performance rate at 130lm/w, and an optional 150ml/w.
  • Lighting: Now you can enjoy a powerful flood light that ensures L70L>80’000 hours of life expectancy. To ensure a cool working the heat sink manages to keep a light touch while releasing it in a casual manner. Keeping up with a low LED junction even when maintaining longevity.
  • Frame: Crafted using high-quality materials the frame of this flood light is made using pure aluminum and is set using an aluminum frame. Creating a durable body that can take on a great deal of wear and tear through the year. To create an added layer of security the flood light is finished with a powder coating and a UV resistant spray.
  • Hardware: This 240W LED sports light comes with a sturdy and solid frame, which is packed with a top of the line six optics system set to ensure practical and productive use. This allows you to focus on the space you wish to cover while using a limited number of lumens, saving both light and energy. An easy and effective way to ensure great use and savings.