Where warehouse lighting is concerned, safety and productivity need to be the two biggest concerns. As storehouses usually have a high ceiling, it is quite challenging to light up the entire space in a proper way, installation being the other difficulty. Also, if you choose poor luminaries, you have to reserve a lot of money for the purpose of maintenance. LED high bay illuminants are the best solutions for the replacement of fluorescent, LPS, HPS, halogen and metal halide lights, as LEDs have lower electricity expense and durability. These are some useful tips to help you choose suitable LED high bay lights for your warehouse.

Number of lights

You have to determine how many LED lights would you like to install in the warehouse, and how much spacing should be there between the lights. The number of lights actually depends on the amount of space that is available. When you consider the quality of brightness and the spacing that you require, it will be very easy for you to know how many lights your space would need. You may even create a layout for the calculations.

Type of lights

You can get High Bay lights in varied shapes. The market has on offer UFO High Bay Lights, which are lights that are round or saucer shaped like the UFO. The bigger and longer ones are referred to as Linear High Bay LED Lights. Those that are around 15 feet are generally the ones that are recommended, given that it is easier to set these up. Linear lights are perfect for places with aisles. You may choose linear high bay lights of wide angle style at lower heights.

Lighting glare

Dazzling light from an LED light causes discomfort for any warehouse worker. Inside warehouses, there are usually plenty of dangerous tools and machines – like forklifts. The strong light glare can cause irritation of the eyes and affect the ability of workers to see the goods or people next to them. Previous news reports indicate that there are about 15% accidents resulting from unsuitable lighting. Thus, it is vital to have a proper system of lighting and illuminants in warehouses. As a warehouse owner or operator, you have to choose LED illuminants having exclusive lens with in-built glare control feature. Due to this design, glare can be reduced by as much as 60% as compared to traditional lights such as halogen flood lights or metal halide illuminants.

Dimming feature

When you get the flexibility to adjust lighting in your warehouse, the best kind of ambience can be maintained. Dimming helps maintain the consistency of LED brightness all through the day. When it is daytime, a lot of sunlight comes through the windows, and you can dim the brightness of LED high bay lights for this reason. This can also save on energy expenses and operational costs. During the evening, brightness can be increased to provide workers with the proper amount of illumination that they want. This can ensure the best kind of working ambience inside warehouses.

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